Rwenzori Mountains

Hi guys,

Two months on i am still left speechless by the sheer beauty and sheer effort which was the Rwenzori Mountains.  I was fortunate enough to spend ten days amongst the Rwenzoris some of which were spent in tears, in fog, in glorious sunshine and some more in pure agony.  I am in the process of editing a book of the images and along with Andy Roberts i will hopefully find the words to express my thoughts on my time in the Rwenzoris.  Until then i will just share some images with you.

I have no words to compare or describe these mountains.  Uganda has unique beauty which continues to amaze and inspire me.

Stay well,



Hi guys,

Ok, so i have a lot of favourite subjects but chameleons are definitely up there.  Whilst not at the lodge i have been trying to get to some of the other incredible places in Uganda.  And find chameleons whilst there!  So here is a brief look at some of my favourite images from the last six months.

A Rwenzori side-striped Chameleon photographed in my garden in Kisoro.

Another Side-striped chameleon again from my garden.

A Strange-horned chameleon from the Rwenzori Mountains,

And finally a Rwenzori three-horned chameleon.

So four photo opportunities in six months.  They dont come around often but when they do i am left in complete awe.

Stay well,


Mihingo Lodge, Lake Mburo


It seems it has been three long months since my last post!!  Things have been hectic and i have a lot to catch up on.

First lets try and wrap up the last six months at Mihingo Lodge, where my wife and I are the current managers.

I had niavely thought that i would spend all day taking pictures when in fact i have spent all of my days running Uganda’s best and most popular lodge!  Why that came as a shock is anyone’s guess.

The truth is that i do get out in the park every now and again but the real beauty of working in a safari lodge is the ability not just to see something for a fleeting moment but instead to watch it over a period of weeks and months.

A case in point are the Speckled Bush Snakes which we have around the property.  Getting a good shot is not too hard,

But getting a unique image is much harder!

And i have had the chance to share intimate moments with the least suspecting individuals, in this case a Tree Hyrax and her new baby,

I have been able to capture some rare subjects, in this case two Verreaux’s Eagle-Owls,

And try new compositions with some old favourites like this hippo,

And finally get some images which have been on my list for a few years now,

It has been one of the busiest times of my life but i have managed to be part of an incredible team and be witness to some incredible moments in nature.

I promise to try and keep you more informed as these moments arise!

Stay well


Getty Images

Hi guys,

Many many months ago i was signed up by Oxford Scientific, the then number 1 nature based image library.  Just as my images were put online on their database they were bought out by Getty Images, probably the largest and most famous online image library in the world.

I was sad to see Oxford Scientific go but excited about joining Getty. Unfortunately, in the hand over my images were lost and i have spent the best part of a year waiting for Getty to find them again in their database.

And finally the waiting is over.

My images are now online.  Click on the image above to see my portfolio.

Stay well,


Safari November 2011: Lake Mburo National Park

Hi guys,

The final leg of November safari took us to Lake Mburo National Park which i had only just found out would be my future home.  The park is mainly noted for two reasons; zebra and impala.  With Impala only found in Lake Mburo and Zebra sadly dying out in Kidepo, the strong populations in Lake Mburo are nationally important.

I also managed to get some nice little Francolin shots which are actually harder to get than you would think.  9 times out of 10 you actually see Red-necked Spurfowl and not Francolins but in this case i got lucky.

We also had a lovely moment with the normally shy and reclusive Bushbuck.

And finally the one other thing that Lake Mburo has that other areas of Uganda does not.  Some of the finest and best looking Ankole cattle in the world.  They do however get in the road!

Our safari in November was as breathtaking and surprising as i had expected.  Lots of great new images and some incredible moments with my client Rick.

Here is to many more.

Stay well,


Safari November 2011: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Hi guys,

Another quick one today and unfortunately not one with any cute gorilla images!!  On this leg of the safari i remained behind at the lodge whilst my guests made the trek up the hill which left me with a good opportunity to relax and enjoy the landscapes of Bwindi (mist included).

And a lovely little sunbird thrown in!

Sorry this has been a short one guys but some more images in the coming days.


Safari November 2011: Queen Elizabeth NP – Ishasha

Hi guys,

Ishasha embodies the wide open savannah landscapes extolled by the likes of Wilbur Smith and Willard Price and as such always fills me with an increased sense of adventure.  And it can throw up a mixed bag of subjects, often with the impressive tree climbing lions, but mostly with opportunities to get some great landscape shots (as above).

This visit gave me the chance to focus on some of the more unusual species;

Mass flocks of Red-billed Queleas stripping the tall grasses,

Another Nile Monitor Lizard,

And of course the Ishasha River itself in all its muddy glory.

Stay well guys,


Safari November 2011 – Queen Elizabeth National Park

Hi guys,

Another quick image report from my safari in November, this time on the days we spent in Queen Elizabeth National Park, one of my favourite parks in Uganda.

After the disappointment of not seeing any lions in Murchison we set of anew in Queen Elizabeth hoping, just hoping, that we might see them there.  What we got instead was even better.  Two females and three cubs.  As much as any of us loves to take images of a male lion the only thing which can beat him are his adorable offspring.

One of my favourite things about Queen Elizabeth is the boat launch down the channel.  I have always struggled to get great images of hippos out of the water, but this trip changed all that.

Our two days in Queen Elizabeth were also great opportunities to get some images of those hard to get subjects.  In this case i managed to get a couple of shots of the Nile Monitor Lizards and the Banded Mongooses which frequent Mweya peninsular.

After dozens of trips to QE it still amazes me that i can still get a whole range of new images from each new trip.

So much so that i am taking some leave next week and am heading to QE straight away!  And then maybe up to Lake Albert to find me some Shoebills!!

Stay well guys,


Safari November 2011 – Murchison Falls National Park

Hi guys,

Really it was that long ago…what with all the hard drive madness it is only now that i can update you on what was an incredible trip…before i forget.

On this trip i had the rare opportunity to work with just one client on a private safari.  There are never better opportunities to show of the wonders of a country than with one client and no better way to tailor a trip to the exact needs of just one person.  On this trip i was lucky enough to work with a great photographer called Rick on his first trip to Africa.  Priceless.

Anyway, in this post lets look at some images from Murchison Falls National Park…

First up we have a very very muddy bachelor buffalo. I just never get tired of photographing these guys,

And some of the many elephants that we saw in the park, but really the highlight of Murchison was the countless giraffe on the plains.  Sometimes dozens upon dozens on every side.  Breathtaking,

As you can see i have returned to my black and white ways!!! I hope you like them and the new digital frames i am using.   Murchison is one of the best places to make black and white images, especially in the dry season with endless plains of dry grass and amazing animals imposing themselves on the skyline.

Next post will continue in one of my favourite places in Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Stay well guys,


Ok, the obligatory falls photo and this time in colour! For those who dont know Murchison Falls is the unique place where all of the mighty Nile’s waters are forced through a seven metre gap producing immense power and noise.

P.S. Thanks JP for spurring me into updating the site before all is lost!

Big changes – Mihingo Lodge

Hi guys,

No posts for months and then two in one day, i thought i would save this news for its own post.

So i am leaving Kisoro.  Kisoro has been my home for the last ten years, the place where i grew up and built a career.  And on on the 1st February i am moving four hours up the road to manage one of Uganda’s finest safari lodges, Mihingo Lodge.  I can’t believe we are being given the opportunity to run such an incredible lodge and i can’t wait to begin spending more time on my photography both in Lake Mburo National Park and with the great clients and photographers that pass through the lodge.

It is going to be hard for me. I have spent the last ten years working to get to the top of my field and i have spent ten years living and working with an incredible group of people.  And although i will not be turning my back on all of this i will definitely be leaving a lot of it behind and turning a new chapter in my life.

My wife has been at the lodge since the 1st December and has been having an incredible time.  Whilst we have never run such a high class lodge before, we get to work with incredible staff at the lodge and all our experience of the last thirteens years will be a huge resource for us.

I just cant wait to take more and more images and to host some great photographers at the lodge.  So if you have plans to be in Uganda come and spend some time with us at the lodge.  From private guiding to workshops, and boat launches to horse back riding.

This does mean that there will be some big changes, most notably that i will not be running any scheduled safaris in 2012 and as a result i have directed all the traffic from my safari website to my personal photography site.  Instead i will now be focusing on my own photography and working with clients on a day to day basis.  I also am planning an incredible expedition to the Rwenzori Mountains and working on publishing my first photography book.

I can’t wait for the next year.  I know it will contain lots of adventures and hopefully plenty of great images.

I hope you are able to join me,