Von Hohnel’s Chameleon

Hi guys,

After an incredible ten days in the north and east of Uganda it was time to make the long journey back home.  Luckily the way home included a fortuitous stop at Sipi falls.

We had the great pleasure of staying at Sipi River Lodge which fast became one of my favourite lodges in Uganda.  A lovely tranquil spot beside one of Sipi’s many waterfalls, lovely banda’s and a main lodge you wish was your home.  Oh, and they also have Von Hohnel’s Chameleons in the the garden!!!

You probably know by now that i love chameleons and after seeing a Von Hohnel’s in Kenya seven years ago i have been desperate to find another one to photograph.

And i found one in Sipi.   A lovely little thing, great colour, and very relaxed.  I spent the best part of the day sitting on the verandah of the lodge and intermittently getting up to check the angle of the sun and the position of the chameleon who seemed to spend most of the day sleeping.

I got some lovely images and had a lovely couple of days unwinding at Sipi after all the travelling through Karamoja.

I hope you enjoy.

Stay well,


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