Best of 2012

Hi guys,

What a year it has been and how fast it has flown!!  Heather and I put an incredible amount of work in at the lodge this year and our work there takes up most of my memories for the year.  But if i remembered not taking any images over the year i am horribly mistaken.  2012 was probably the best year i have had as a photographer and i have plenty of new images for my portfolio.

A large number of my favourites are of subjects which i have struggled to get over the years.  The famous Shoebill Stork is so rare that sightings are hard to come by and animals like eland and dwarf mongeese are jittery at the best of times. And some of my other favourites are hard to come by because they require serendipity or a good chunk of luck!  In this category i have to include catching a Spotted bush snake and its prey, a scorpion on a rock, and the image of Mt. Stanley.  How i managed to get up to 16,000 feet to take this image is anyone’s guess!

And of course a big section of these images are included simply because the subjects are so beautiful.  This group includes the Malachite kingfisher, Splendid starling and both chameleons. Lastly are the images of the Bush hyraxes and African grey hornbill, otherwise known as Hamish and Betty, which represent some of the animals i shared my life with over the last year and kept Heather and i company.

I am not sure what 2013 will bring, but if i am half as lucky as 2012 i look forward to spending more time in some of Earth’s hidden corners, camera in hand.  And fingers crossed, i might even succeed in capturing some of the images in anything like the wonder which nature provides them in!  Here’s to continuing to stay lucky and striving to make my images better than they are.

I would also like to mention my favourite photographer this year, Marius Coetzee, who has been hugely inspiring over the last twelve months.  Marius continues to take some of the most dramatic and rich images of Africa i have seen with his last trip to Ethiopia is a case in point.  And his ability to move from portait to landscape and on to wildlife is inspiring.  I urge you to check out his work at 500px and strive to view the world with the same eyes he does.

I can’t thank you enough for following my work over the last twelve months.  I wish you all the best for 2013 and hope you all get to capture some stunning images in the coming year.

Best wishes,



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