Queen Elizabeth revisited

Hi guys,

A few weeks ago i was able to host my parents on their first ever trip to Uganda and Africa.  After a few days in Lake Mburo where they were fortunate enough to see two leopards (one on a walking safari and another on a night game drive) and a few days in Kisoro visiting some of the communities i have worked with we all traveled to QE.  I know i have posted at length about the Kazinga channel but i know of no other activity that can pack in quite as much as it does.  And in such a short space of time.  If you want to perfect your camera technique the Kazinga channel is the place to be.  From the moment you sit on the boat until you get off you will have your camera up and your finger twitching!

Enough of the big game are seen to keep you excited, plenty of old favourites are around, and often there are a few little gems which keep you on your toes.

I always return to old subjects because you just never know when you are going to better a previous image.  Malachite kingfishers are easy to shoot but harder to fill the frame.  Pied Kingfishers are plentiful but hard to expose correctly, especially with bright backgrounds.  And crocs are always a challenge to find new and creative ways to frame them.

Well i tried in all four cases and was pretty happy.  Unfortunately bad weather and roads spoiled our chances of seeing lions but we did get a lovely sunrise and just about managed to get a shot of a shy Eagle-owl.

Stay well,


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