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Saligo Bay meets the Formatt Pro Stop

Hi guys,

Its been a while but as you can imagine i have spent the last five weeks catching up with family and even managed to fit in an unexpected trip to Kenya in between.

Anyway, as one door closes another door opens.  Instead of lions and giraffe my photographic world has expanded to a whole new level which includes infinite landscapes and infinite weather conditions!!!

So i have a whole new set of skills to learn and master and a whole new way to gain enjoyment out of photography.  Which is nice.  I miss the big game and savannah landscapes but there is the sheer breathtaking joy of the west coast of Scotland and its seascapes’s.  Taming these vistas and rendering their beauty on a LCD screen is the next stage of my learning.

Many moons ago i was fortunate enough to be handed a Formatt Pro Stop filter and allowed to make the make the most of it.  Which was harder than i first thought.  10 stop ND filters are not for every image and need practice to understand what will work and what will not.  From my experience you need to frame as much movement as possible to make sure you get the biggest effect as possible in the final frame.  Ideally sea and sky together work best.  Or instead fill the frame with as much movement as you can find be it a stream or waterfall.

But in East Africa i too often fell short and didn’t quite get the images i had hoped to capture with the 10-stop.  Bring on the west coast of Scotland and the opportunities begin to explode.

And here is the great thing about a 10-stop filter.  It opens up a whole new way of seeing the world and a whole new range of photography.  I had set out to Islay to drink some of the world’s finest whisky and capture epic coastlines in 10-stop glory.  And i tried!  But instead of the epic coast line i got something altogether different.

130308 Islay

And something different to most other captures of Saligo Bay.  Go on to google images and type in Saligo Bay.  Stunning images and lots of them.  But none like the one i managed to get with the 10-stop.  What do you think?

It is not always about being novel, but it is satisfying to create something new.  In terms of technique i also used a Hitech 0.9 Hard ND filter to hold back some of the sky.

I like the smothered sea and sky framing the sharp detail in the rocks.  I am not completely satisfied with the composition but i got one shot of this before having to take shelter from the rain.  But i think the idea is there!

I was scared i would lose the excitement of capturing the moment after losing the big game but i think the world of landscape (alongside the world of 10-stop filters) might just be satisfying enough!!

Stay well,