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Rwenzori Mountains

Hi guys,

Two months on i am still left speechless by the sheer beauty and sheer effort which was the Rwenzori Mountains.  I was fortunate enough to spend ten days amongst the Rwenzoris some of which were spent in tears, in fog, in glorious sunshine and some more in pure agony.  I am in the process of editing a book of the images and along with Andy Roberts i will hopefully find the words to express my thoughts on my time in the Rwenzoris.  Until then i will just share some images with you.

I have no words to compare or describe these mountains.  Uganda has unique beauty which continues to amaze and inspire me.

Stay well,



Hi guys,

Ok, so i have a lot of favourite subjects but chameleons are definitely up there.  Whilst not at the lodge i have been trying to get to some of the other incredible places in Uganda.  And find chameleons whilst there!  So here is a brief look at some of my favourite images from the last six months.

A Rwenzori side-striped Chameleon photographed in my garden in Kisoro.

Another Side-striped chameleon again from my garden.

A Strange-horned chameleon from the Rwenzori Mountains,

And finally a Rwenzori three-horned chameleon.

So four photo opportunities in six months.  They dont come around often but when they do i am left in complete awe.

Stay well,


Mihingo Lodge, Lake Mburo


It seems it has been three long months since my last post!!  Things have been hectic and i have a lot to catch up on.

First lets try and wrap up the last six months at Mihingo Lodge, where my wife and I are the current managers.

I had niavely thought that i would spend all day taking pictures when in fact i have spent all of my days running Uganda’s best and most popular lodge!  Why that came as a shock is anyone’s guess.

The truth is that i do get out in the park every now and again but the real beauty of working in a safari lodge is the ability not just to see something for a fleeting moment but instead to watch it over a period of weeks and months.

A case in point are the Speckled Bush Snakes which we have around the property.  Getting a good shot is not too hard,

But getting a unique image is much harder!

And i have had the chance to share intimate moments with the least suspecting individuals, in this case a Tree Hyrax and her new baby,

I have been able to capture some rare subjects, in this case two Verreaux’s Eagle-Owls,

And try new compositions with some old favourites like this hippo,

And finally get some images which have been on my list for a few years now,

It has been one of the busiest times of my life but i have managed to be part of an incredible team and be witness to some incredible moments in nature.

I promise to try and keep you more informed as these moments arise!

Stay well