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When your back-up crashes!

New update.

So not only did my hard drive crash in my laptop but a week later my back-up hard drive also crashed with serious hard wear damage.

Looking back yes i should have had another off-site back-up and sure i should have had a non-hard drive back-up but i didn’t and have now learned a huge lesson about what i need to be doing to stop a complete breakdown in not only my images but also my sanity!!

I am now in Kampala trying to recover my data from my hard-drives and have purchased another three 1TB hard drives for the future.  I will combine this with some off-site and non-hard drive based back-ups and all in all take my system up to the appropriate level for a photographer.  Slightly later than would have been appropriate.

It has taken me a week to write this post as my world literally fell apart…well at least the photographic part of my world.  It is every photographers nightmare and one i never thought i would see and i haven’t had the stomach to write about it and make it real.

I never thought i would loose two hard drives in one week but i did…and wasn’t prepared.  I feel stupid and careless where before i felt confident and secure.

But maybe i needed this to realise just how important my images are to me.  And they are very important. Very important. The thought of loosing my images from moments of sheer and fleeting beauty which could never be regained was mind numbing.

Hopefully i will find out on Monday how successful the data recovery has been.  I do expect to loose some images but am confident i can recover most of them. I hope for the best.

Stay well,


Back home excited, exhausted and a little frustrated!

Hi guys,

Apologies for the lack of posts which died suddenly at the Boma on the first day.

The safari was incredible and an absolute joy to spend 13 days touring the highlights of Uganda.  Murchison was incredible with its epic vistas and abundant giraffe moving in herds of dozens across the plains.

Queen Elizabeth didn’t disappoint either with the highlight being the lion cubs in the candelabra tree and the sheer wealth of diversity on the Kazinga Channel.

Bwindi was magical with its incredible Mountain Gorillas and waking up to its chimps and Lake Mburo was the climax with some great and rare bird life.

Too much to write about and not very effective without images to illustrate and dazzle.

Which is where the frustration comes in.  In Bwindi i innocuously dropped my laptop from about a foot from the ground and thought nothing of it.  A week later when i started to process my images my laptop began to die.

After a week of trying everything at hand i have to assume that i have either broken the hard drive or cracked the motherboard.  My laptop is now dead in the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i have several thousand images all waiting to be worked on and posted on the site and all i can do is sit and look at the remains of my laptop.

Now thankfully i back-up my files everyday so have not lost any images which would be a whole lot worse and have me writing this in tears!!  This is the first time i have lost a laptop or desktop but confirms the need to back-up back-up and back-up.

So in the grand scheme of things nothing has been lost except some time and some frustration.  One of the benefits of living in a remote village in Uganda is that i have access to Uganda’s landscape and animals on my doorstep.  The disadvantage is that experienced technicians do not inhabit the same environment.

So whilst in another context i might just be able to fix the problem the same day i have spent the last two weeks trying to find a solution to my problem.  Hopefully the laptop is now in Kampala and by tomorrow i might have some answers.

Which turns back the clocks and leaves me as i might once have been in the days of film photography.  Thousands of images and a long wait to see the results.  Patience has never been my strength which might explain my love for digital.

Anyway, please share some patience with me and hopefully sooner rather than later i will be able to post what i hope are some incredible images from the last couple of weeks.

Stay well,