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Brussels Airlines Offer

Hi guys,

I am really happy to announce a new partnership with Brussels Airlines.  Any client who comes on one of our safaris is automatically entitled to a 5% discount on any airfare booked with Brussels Airlines.  In addition any client who also purchases a gorilla permit as part of their trip will qualify for an additional 5% off any ticket purchased.

That means that if you are coming on one of our safaris you could instantly get a full 10% off your airticket which is great news.

Brussels Airlines are fast becoming Europe’s ‘Africa’ airline with a growing number of destinations in Africa and new routes recently opened up to New York.  So if you are flying to Uganda from North America or Europe check out the Brussels Airlines site and get in touch if you want to take advantage of the 10% reduction.

That leaves you a whole 10% to spend on beer and chocolate when you pass through Brussels!!

Stay well guys,


The Perfect Safari Photography Laptop? The Acer TimelineX 1830T

Hi guys,

Well my life seems to be getting much faster.  I write this post with my new internet dongle which amazingly has a steady connection and is actually quite fast to boot.  Well not European internet fast but fast enough to write a blog at the first attempt!!

I also have changed laptops since my trip back to Scotland and am now using an Acer 1830T.  It is turning out to be a perfect laptop for photography so i thought i would share.

In the past i have used Samsung netbooks (NC10, N145, N150) as a source of back-up and for basic editing.  They come with great batteries are are small enough to pack in your camera bag.  They have been invaluable for sorting and backing-up my images whilst on safari and keeping in touch with everyone.  But when i moved up to a full-framed sensor the corresponding file size of cr2 and psd files meant that my otherwise trusty Samsung ground to a halt.  Whilst it works fine with 400D and 40D files, the 5D MkII files simply took a lifetime to work through.

So i looked at the Acer and have been hugely impressed.  It has a i3 dual core processor, 4GB Ram, 640GB hard drive and a battery that gets me about 6-7 hours life.  It also comes with a nice and small 11.6″ screen which despite its size has a resolution of 1366×768 so is still able to fully show all screens in CS$ for example (which was one drawback of my smaller Samsungs). And for about half the price of a corresponding Macbook Pro, i wont be making the change to the dark side just yet!

So if you are looking for a new laptop you cant go far wrong with the Acer 1830T and hooked up to a good monitor you might just have the perfect combination for a Safari Photography laptop that is small and powerful but still able to perform editing back at home.

Stay well,


Two weeks to go…places still available

Hi guys,

This time in two weeks our first Safari Photography workshop will be fully underway and hopefully we will all have just finished a successful trek to photograph the chimps at Kyambura Gorge.  As i write this we still have a few places left so if you want to come along and join us then get in touch.

As a small teaser let me share some images from my last trip to Queen Elizabeth back in April this year.

First up are a couple of images taken from the boat launch.  The boat launch is a great way to take images, giving you a low angle to the subjects and a much more intimate experience.

And as well as some incredibly intimate moments with some of Uganda’s best wildlife Queen Elizabeth also lays host to some of the most spectacular scenery to be found in Uganda.

Below are images taken of the explosion craters and the salt flats.  The salt flats are still utilised by the neighbouring communities and provide great landscape opportunities.

So unless you have something else spectacular planned for the 7th-9th October grab one of the last spots on the workshop and come and join us for what is shaping up to be an incredible weekend.

Stay well guys,


Back home to a thunderous applause

Hi guys,

Apologies for the absence of posts but it has been a busy month.  I took some time off to visit my family in Scotland and photograph my first wedding for my sister-in-law in Canada.

I returned home to Uganda with lots of goodies which i am desperately waiting to try out.  As i wrote about in a previous blog the kind people at Formatt filters have supplied me with a ND grad kit to try out and i am desperately waiting for my first chance to do so.

Only one problem, rain.  Well thunder, lightning and rain to be honest.  The dry season is not the best time for landscape shots in Uganda as the hot winds lift up the parched earth into the atmosphere which reduces visibility and leaves a brown hue over the landscapes.

Bring on the rainy season!  The rainy seasons cleans up the skies and offers spectacular, crystal clear vistas.  Only one problem.  There is a lot of rain and storms of an epic scale.  The map below (courtesy of Britannica) shows the prevalence of thunderstorms across the world.  As you can see one of the highest concentrations occurs directly over my head, along the western rift valley (the third red blob on the right in Central Africa).

In the two weeks that i have been back in Kisoro everyday has brought at least one (but sometimes two) thunderstorms per day.  In between we are left with lovely weather and the anticipation of the next building storm.

So i have not had the opportunity to use my new filters as i haven’t yet seen the Virunga volcanoes which seem to lie behind an impenetrable wall of cloud and thunder.  But my time will come!

Anyway, an exciting couple of months coming up.  Our first weekend Safari Photography workshop in October and our first two week safari around Uganda.  I cant wait to share some of the wealth of animals and landscapes with the photographers who will join us.  There are still places available on both the weekend workshop in October and the two week dream safari in November.  Get in touch if you fancy joining us.

And lots of posts to come in the next week.  Hopefully reviews of  filters, books, laptops and lots of images!

Until then, stay well,