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Ishasha’s star females

Hi guys,

Well after spending most of the evening focusing on some of the birds in Ishasha we finally caught up with our regular females who were looking exhausted after a recent buffalo kill, and as luck would have it, in a tree just metres from the road.  Light wasn’t great but it was nice to watch the two of them again.

As the light was fading badly we went back to the lodge for a nice cold beer.  The next morning we had a plan to visit the Lake Edward flats, one of the last spots in the park we had not yet accessed.  However, i had a sneaky suspicion that the two lioness’ might still be hanging around their kill and it was worth a shot to try and find them again.

So by six we were on the road and trying to find the two ladies.  In poor light we managed to drive right past them but half an hour later on our way back we finally found them on the ground a couple of metres from the car.

But it was raining and dull and pretty awful.  It was the worst photography weather i had seen.  More Scotland than the Equator!  But we were on our own, beside two female lions, in Uganda, and in no rush to go anywhere.  So we drank coffee and chatted and allowed the morning to grow.

Two hours past before finally the sun began to clear.  At which point the two females came out of their bush to eat what was left of their kill.  And all the waiting was justified!  So much so as one of the females lifted the buffalo rib cage and brought it over to the car!!

The light still wasn’t perfect but it rarely is.  The scene however was priceless and whilst most other tourists were eating the breakfast in their lodges we were drinking coffee on the plains and feeling pretty special.

Half an hour after the sun came out, it was too hot for the lioness’ and they slumped off into a bush.

The first other tourist car passed at that point and just managed to see a flash of a tail before they were hidden for the rest of the day.

Probably the best two hours i have had on safari yet, where your knowledge of behaviour, your patience, and a good amount of luck come together to form an incredible scene.

Thanks again to two of our favourite Ishasha ladies!!

Stay well,


P.S. We eventually made it to the Lake Edward flats and found 150 elephants!  Next post.

Oxford Scientific Library

Hi guys,

Just a quick e-mail to let you all know that a couple of months ago i was signed up by Oxford Scientific Library, part of the PhotoLibrary group, and the world’s specialist nature library.  I am so happy to have been included in such a strong group of contributors and to be represented by such a respected library.

Today, the images were finally uploaded, so you can go along and view them here…

At the same time as i was signing my agreement with Oxford Scientific, they were being bought out by Getty Images, one of the world’s largest stock agencies.  And so, over this weekend i will be signing a new agreement with Getty who will then start representing my portfolio.  I will update you all again when my images become available on Getty.

Stay well,


Ishasha – Some usual suspects

Hi guys,

Last Easter we managed to get away for a long weekend and headed straight up to Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth, home to the famous tree-climbing lions.  We managed to find our usual two female lions up their trees but first some usual suspects of the feather kind.

I have to say that I never get tired of photographing these three guys.

Up first is the shy but fairly common Grey-headed Kingfisher.

Then the stubbornly territorial Wattled Lapwing

And lastly the comical Helmeted Guinea-fowl who are hard to keep still!

Lions in the next post!

Stay well,