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!!NEW Safari Dates 2012!!

Just a quick note to let you know that new dates are on the website for March 2012.  This might be a long way away but if you want to get in there early then drop me a line and i’ll put your name down on a tentative list for this trip.

And remember only six places available on this trip so always better to get in there early and avoid disappointment.

I am working on some exciting news for a trip planned in November 2012 and should be able to fill you all in on the news in the next week or two.

Stay well,


The Virungas

This is one of my favourite views in the whole world and normally comes after a long day on the road and signals that we have reached home.  These are the dormant volcanoes of the Virunga Mountains, six in total, often called the Birunga Mountains in colonial texts and still home to over half of the worlds remaining Mountain Gorillas.

And i get to live on their slopes…well almost…i live in a village a few kilometers away but very much in the shadow of these formidable peaks.  These pics are some of the very first taken with my new 5D Mk II and i couldn’t be more happy with the detail and tones of the pictures it takes.  Lovely to be shooting full frame for my landscapes now!

Stay well,


Is it God, a UFO, ???

No it is apparently a circumhorizontal arc (or maybe an infralateral arc)!!!

Who knew such things existed?

I have to say this is one of the most incredible sights i have seen and i spent  a good half hour watching it’s movement ebb and flow across the sky until eventually the light passed and it disappeared.  It reminded me of the strange circular rings you see around the moon at night, especially on a full moon sometimes.  Well it seems that they are related and both phenomena involve high altitude cirrus clouds that are full of ice crystals.  It is the light passing through these crystals that causes the ‘rainbow clouds’ in these images.

Not my usual safari post this time but fascinating none the less!

Stay well,


Some final Kidepo images

Hi everyone,

I am finally getting through my New Year backlog and I wanted to include some final Kidepo images for you all.  This image above typifies Kidepo for me, great expanses which are so titanic that they make its largest animals look tiny!

One of the highlights of Kidepo Valley is a visit to the Katarum ruins which represent the grand vision of one of Uganda’s iconic figures and the shambolic ruins of the same man’s failed rule.  The Katarum  Lodge was originally commissioned during the rule of Idi Amin Dada however the lodge was never finished and after he was ousted the lodge turned into ruin.  History aside, it is one of the best places to visit in Kidepo as it offers one of the most spectacular views anywhere in Uganda.

And finally i just wanted to add a very typical lion picture.  Not the savage or kingly image you might be used to but instead the lazy and indifferent, yet somehow strikingly powerful gaze of a male lion.  Some may say i have modelled myself on these mighty beasts and it is probably true that we both share an unhealthy enjoyment of lying around aimlessly and never getting enough sleep!  It is interesting to note that many of the iconic images of lions roaring that photographers capture are actually images of great big lazy yawns!

If you go over to my facebook page you can see an album with all my images from Kidepo.

Have a great weekend everyone,


Boys and their toys

Hi everyone,


For a number of reasons i have to admit that i have been a bit naughty of recent and am feeling rather guilty.  The absence of regular posts when i have a bucket load of good pics sitting here is one good reason for my guilt.  But more seriously than that the first action of my new marriage has been to spend our entire life’s savings on new toys to play with.  Thankfully this time i did ask my wife’s permission (unlike the last time i bought a camera!).

So a month after i bought them, and in the capable hands of one of my best friends who had the onerous task of bringing them out to Uganda for me without breaking them, i finally received a new 5d Mark II, Battery grip, 430 EXII Speedlite, batteries, memory cards and a brand new 25-105mm, 70-200mm f2.8, and 100-400mm set of lenses.

I know the photographers out there understand the excitement about these new toys.  Simply some of the best equipment you can buy.  So guiltily i have been playing around with my new toys and have completely abandoned this blog, my wife, and the friend who brought over the gear for me…

Well almost, the new equipment and my friends presence in Uganda, allowed me the chance to squeeze in some weekend game drives.  We spent 24 magical hours in Queen Elizabeth NP, Uganda, a breathtaking sunset shoot in Lake Kivu, Rwanda, and two days in one of my favourite parks, Akagera NP, Rwanda.

I am penniless and tired but am frantically working through my images to get some up on the blog and put up the many from Kidepo which are still lying in a folder!!!!

Please forgive me and look forward to some really great images from the last couple of weeks.


After months of torment on which lens to buy and after only having my new gear for a matter of days Canon have announced the production of what might just be the most perfect safari lens ever made.  A 200-400mm lens to rival the excellent nikon but with the additional feature of a built in teleconverter and four stop image stabilisation.  I wouldn’t believe it myself had i not read it directly on the Canon website.

It might not be available for another couple of years but it is definitely time to start saving !!!

Stay well,