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New Gorilla Census

This photo was taken from the summit of Muhavura, a dormant volcano that forms part of the Virunga Mountains, that also run along the present day boundaries of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The volcano in the foreground is Gahinga and Sabinyo in the background makes up the trio.  What makes these volcanoes so special is the over half of all mountain gorillas that live on their slopes.

A census just published has shown that the numbers of gorillas in the Virungas has now increased from 380 in 2003 to 48o in 2010.  This marks a 25% increase in the last seven years alone and paves the way for a more secure future for these spectacular animals.

If you decide to come on one of our photographic safaris you will have two chances to trek and photograph these incredible animals up close and in their natural habitat.  There really is nothing quite like being close to such impressive animals. A truly unforgettable experience.


More of a yawn than a growl

This is one of the close-up shots taken in Ishasha a couple of weeks ago and was taken a couple of days before the shot from the previous post.  She seemed completely unperturbed by our presence which allowed us to get within about two metres of her and get some incredible shots.  She occasionally would venture a look at a passing antelope but in the main she held true to her species reputation and spent most of the time sleeping in the tree.

My love for black and white conversions (or infrared in this case) has come to me rather unexpectedly and now it is now all i seem to want do.  The images just seem to pop that bit better.  Anyway here is the colour original.  Which one do you like better?

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