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And so we begin…


How to start, where to begin…

Well I cant go wrong with a photo!

This is one of my current favourites.  We had spent two days with this female and spent hours only metres away from her.  After being so spoiled by her earlier proximity I almost didn’t take this shot as i thought it wouldn’t hold up to the extreme close-ups taken earlier.  Maybe my surprise explains why i like it so much now.

I set up The Photographic Safari Company  in 2010 with the singular vision of offering dedicated photographic safaris in Uganda. These specialised photographic safaris enable photographers to maximise their time in Uganda by offering tailor-made itineraries, specifically designed to make the most out of Uganda’s beauty. You will get the once in a lifetime chance to photograph in a dizzying array of landscapes, from the high altitude forests and volcanoes of the Virunga Massif, to the acacia tree savannahs of Queen Elizabeth National Park. As a result each photographer will have the best opportunities to photograph a diverse collection of animals including the endangered Mountain Gorillas, Lion, Elephants, Leopard, Hippos, Buffaloes, Giraffe and some of the most concentrated displays of bird species anywhere in Africa.

The dedicated safaris we offer are once in a lifetime experiences for photographers of all skill levels and every safari ensures that you return home with a new range of skills, life changing memories, and an incredible portfolio of Uganda’s famous wildlife.

I hope you enjoy our blog and website ( and that it whets your appetite to experience one of the world’s truly magical countries and photograph its spectacular wildlife. If you have any friends or family who would love a dedicated photographic safari then please let them know about us. And if you have spent your life dreaming of photographing lions on open savannahs and mountain gorillas in mist covered rainforests then get in touch!

We look forward to welcoming you onto one of our dedicated photographic safaris!

And so we have begun!

Stay well,